Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Corbin Fisher Andy Honda Scandal


All my history occurred in 1991. At that time I was 20 years for turning 21. My grandmother. who lived with us, broke his hip in a fall from a chair, had 91 years, so doctors said he could not operate and was confined to spend what was left of her life in bed. It was a month but nothing was horrible to see how it grew weaker until he stopped eating. In one conversation we had, when he was still speaking, he told me he was dying, to which I replied, "You still have much time for being with us and also have to be on my birthday (March 15)" "God hears you, he said." In early March I was in my room with my niece when I came to my mind the thought that my grandmother was dying, I ignored thinking it was silly. At that time a friend came to see my grandmother and started calling saying he was dying, had it not been for him, would have been even at the time of his departure.

That night I could not sleep. The bedroom door was open, and I saw my grandmother coming down the aisle, I started screaming like crazy. My father immediately got up and turned on the lights, grabbed me by saying that nothing happened, but I saw my grandmother at his side, which came to me and said, "Calm daughter that I will not do anything, only I come to say goodbye. " She kissed me and walked down the aisle again. Although I did not see her around the house I kept noticing his presence and hearing the cries of when I was sick to my birthday. That day was the last thing I felt. When this happened I almost fall into a depression, because I had mixed feelings because he loved my grandmother, but rejected it when he came to say goodbye to me and was terrified every time they noticed their presence or hear his voice. I managed to overcome thanks to a co-worker who knows all these phenomena and that made me realize that my grandmother understood the terror I felt.


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